Structural Steelwork

Miller Fabrications offer a complete structural steel service - design, fabrication and installation. We can meet the demands of complex fabrication requirements such as using curved or oval sections. Our specialist facilities include advanced CNC machinery ensuring a streamlined flow of information from our design team to workshop fabricators.

Secondary Steelwork

Over 40 years of supplying secondary steelwork has earned us a reputation for excellence within the industry. Secondary steel can be described as the additional support steelwork required over and above main structural steelwork to complete a project. It can include walkways, gantries, riser duct floors, support steelwork, barriers, trimmer steelwork and railings etc.

Architectural Metalwork

Miller Fabrications are well-known specialists in architectural metalwork. We design, fabricate and install feature staircases, balconies, canopies, balustrades and all other types of architectural structures. We carry-out all aspects of the fabrication process in-house including glasswork, timberwork, cladding and painting.

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Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is often specified in feature items such as stairs, balconies, canopies, balustrades and handrails. We have a dedicated stainless steel workshop. Our polishing process involves five stages with rigorous quality control checks throughout. Our CNC Mandrel Steel Bending machine is used as standard on all handrail returns which ensures a perfect unblemished finish.

Rail & Highways

We provide the Rail & Highway sectors innovative steel structures such as bridges, staircases, lift-shafts, walkways, ramps and gantries. We also perform repairs to existing steelwork. Our structures arrive onsite fully clad, painted and glazed with all aspects of work performed in-house. 'Trial Installations' performed at our premises ensure trouble free installation once onsite and minimise track/road ‘possession’ time.



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