Scottish Parliament

Contractor : Lend Lease
Location : Holyrood, Edinburgh

Miller Fabrications are proud to have been involved in the construction of one of Scotland’s most iconic buildings - The Scottish Parliament.

MSP Building
We designed, fabricated and erected the steel structure for the blast proof ventilation pods that form the iconic facade of the east elevation of the MSP Building. We also designed, fabricated and erected steel structural mullions and blast-plates which were situated behind the cladded facade of the building and provide support for the windows etc.

Winter Garden
In the foundations of the winter garden area of the parliament we enclosed the service trenches with galvanised mild steel durbar plate. The computer generated artist’s impression in the gallery opposite visualizes how the finished gardens appear.

Queensberry House
In the Queensberry House building we carried out various elements of structural support steelwork. As this area was of special conservation interest our work had to be carried out with a high degree of care and precision to ensure the original stonework of the building was not damaged.

Other Work
We carried out various elements of architectural metalwork and structural support steelwork throughout all of the buildings in the Scottish Parliament.


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